Sunday Evening Worship    September 2, 2018  

"No One Like Our God" , Rooftops", and "Surrounded"  click to view

"YOUR LOVE DEFENDS ME"  June 17,2018 click to view

"EYE OF THE STORM" ,  September 10, 2017, thinking about all our fellow

Americans in the path of Hurricane Irma, click to view

"WHEN I LAY MY ISAAC DOWN",  April 23, 2017  click to view

"I'VE GOT THE POWER", Words & Music written by Debbie Roberts, click to view

"HEAVEN IS THE HOPE" , March 5, 2017 , click to view

"THE ANTHEM"  October 23, 2016 , click to view

"KING OF MY HEART"  September 18, 2016.  click to view

"FLAWLESS"  April 10, 2016,  click to view

"REMEMBER"  March 27, 2016,  click to view

"YOUR GRACE IS ENOUGH"  March 13, 2016. click to view

"WHERE I BELONG"  February 28, 2016,  click to view

"HE IS"   click to view

"I WILL BOAST"   November  30, 2015. click to view

"JESUS AT THE CENTER"  November 18, 2015,  click to view

"YOU FOUND ME"  September 20, 2015,  click to view

"HOW TO WORSHIP MY KING"  September 6, 2015,  click to view

"KING OF HEAVEN"  April  12, 2015,  click to view

"HE HAS COME FOR US"  December 21, 2014,  click to view

"MARY DID YOU KNOW"  December 21, 2014,  click to view

"O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL/O HOLY NIGHT"  December 21, 2014,  click to view